It’s finally here: Google and Mattel’s View-Master VR now available for only $30


Mattel View-Master VR 1

It’s been a good 8 months since we learned of Google and Mattel’s plans to launch a retooled version of their popular View-Master and it looks like it’s finally arrived. Retailing for $30, the all new View-Master Virtual Reality viewer introduces the toy to a whole new generation of kids, this time with immersive VR being the focus.

Mattel View-Master VR 2

Before you get too excited, Oculus Rift this isn’t. The View-Master VR is essentially a more durable version of those Google Cardboard headsets everyone has been giving away for free this year. Because it’s made with plastic, the headset can take a beating and be cleaned for a more hygienic virtual reality experience. The headset works with most popular smartphones and in addition to free View-Master demo content, there are also “Experience Packs” designed to look like those card reels from the olden days. When placed on a table, the cards will display augmented reality menus via companion apps where the wearer can then launch full 360-degree VR content.

Mattel View-Master VR Experience Pack

Even without the Experience Packs, the View-Master functions fine with existing Google Cardboard compatible apps/games so there’s a good chance you’ll always have something to play around with. The new View-Master VR is available from Amazon, Target, Walmart and other retailers for $30 along with Destinations, Wildlife, and Space Experiences packs for $15 each.




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