Google Play Music All Access one month free trial is back even if you were a previous subscriber


Quick heads-up on an opportunity to get a free 1-month trial of Google Play Music All Access. The trial is back, with Google giving anyone — even those who had a subscription or had a trial run in the past — one full month to check the service out.

We’re not sure why those who previously tried and cancelled service would want to give it another go (perhaps they didn’t have the tunes you like and you want to see if more has been added), but it’s there if you need it. And it’s obviously great for new people who want to check it out for consideration without having to dish out $10.

Google Play Music has a lot to offer for $10. Great recommendations and radio, with discovery fueled by the curation experts at Songza, the ability to upload up to 50,000 of your own tracks to fill in the gaps, and more. There’s no family plan yet, but that’ll be here by the end of the year.

As usual, your trial will automatically bill you $9.99 + taxes at the end if you don’t cancel. Thankfully cancelling is as easy as a few clicks, so don’t be too cautious to give it a run if you’re feeling curious. Head here to get started.

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