Here’s what the “X” and “P” in the new Nexus phone names stand for


The Google team that worked on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are doing a little Ask Us Anything session on Reddit right now, and interesting tidbits are already starting to roll in. One of the first questions they were asked was what the letters meant in the new phones’ names.

Nexus 6P 5X DSC00114

Good question, that, because they do seem totally random. Thankfully we have an answer. The X in Nexus 5X stands for the core of the brand. It makes sense — the X in Nexus is typically stylized and acts as the brand’s iconic logo, and the 5X is “core” in that its low price tag and smaller size are closer to the line’s roots than a phablet is. Check out our Nexus 5X hands-on if you’re curious.

Then there’s the Nexus 6P. Anyone want to guess what this one means? Premium. That’s it. And that’s just as fitting as the 5X’s explanation, if our early hands-on time is anything to go by. It’s the most slick, sleek, powerful and beautiful Nexus phone to date. It’s also priced $130 more than the Nexus 5X, so there’s that.

And there you have it. As cool as it is to know where the name comes from, though, they’re just names. The hardware is what we’re really after, and October can’t get here soon enough!

[via Reddit]

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