Blackberry gives us our first official look at Blackberry PRIV renders


Blackberry nonchalantly confirmed the Blackberry PRIV’s existence and even had their CEO give a very cringe-worthy hands-on demo video. Now they’re posting official renders of the device to help get everyone excited.

blackberry priv 2

The renders don’t show much new, but we do get a sense of just how thin the thing is. That they were able to keep it so tight with a sliding keyboard form factor is pretty remarkable.

The engineering team also supposedly took extra care to make sure weight is evenly distributed throughout the device will holding it no matter if the keyboard is exposed or stowed away. We can see why — that display unit probably adds no weight at all compared to the rest of the chassis.

blackberry priv 1

One thing we hadn’t noticed before is the ever-so-slight curve of the display on each side. It’s not quite Galaxy Edge-level curve, but it does make for a nice effect and should make for a comfortable holding experience.

We can also get a sense of the track and feel of the keyboard. It looks like Blackberry designed it in a way to make it flat, yet give each key just enough raise to easily differentiate between keys. They’re the masters of this whole mobile keyboard thing, after all, and we’d expect nothing less than excellence in that area.

blackberry priv 3

We’re not sure how long it’ll take Blackberry to unleash the full details on every aspect of this thing, but we’re intrigued early on and even more good news about its arrival would only further that feeling. Let us know what you’re thinking about it in the comments ahead.

[via Blackberry]

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