Nexus 5X vs Galaxy S6 vs Moto X Pure vs iPhone 6s


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The smaller and more affordable of the two new Nexus devices announced today is the Nexus 5X. This is a device that Android fans have been wanting ever since the original Nexus 5 was released two years ago. It’s finally here, and LG did a nice job once again. Let’s see how the 5X compares to the top dogs of the day: Samsung Galaxy S6, Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, and iPhone 6s.


The Nexus 5X isn’t going to be winning any beauty pageants, but it’s also not the ugliest phone on the planet. Like the original, the Nexus 5X has a utilitarian design. There’s nothing flashy about it. If you want something flashy you should go with the gold Galaxy S6 or a pink iPhone 6s. The 5X does come in three colors to choose from: black, white, and ice blue. Sometimes boring is better than ugly.


As we mentioned above, the 5X is the more affordable of the two Nexus’. You can start to see where they cut costs when you look at the specs. The 5X has a 5.2-inch 1080p display. Both the Galaxy S6 and Moto X Pure are up to 2K displays. The iPhone still lags behind everyone. In all honesty, the 5X display should still look great. 1080p is still more than adequate for 5-inch displays.


One thing LG didn’t skimp on is the camera. The 5X has the same camera as the Nexus 6P. We still don’t know how good the camera will be in real life, but Google talked a lot about indoor photography. They claim it’s easy to take photos outdoors in perfect conditions, but the majority of our lives are spent inside. The 5X has tough competition in the category. The Galaxy S6 and iPhone are at the top of the market, and even the Moto X Pure is much improved. Only time will tell.


Price is where all of LG’s cuts pay off. The Nexus 5X is over $200 cheaper than most of the other phones. However, for just $30 more you can get the Moto X Pure. The 5X is still a great deal for a more than capable device. You get things like a fingerprint scanner, Type-C port, and fast Android updates. You miss out on wireless charging, but even the Moto X Pure is missing that. This is as close to flagship-like quality you can get for the price.

Who wins?


The 5-inch phone market is a crowded space. This is where the best of the best are found. Without the name “Nexus” this is a phone we might not care about, but fast updates and an excellent price get our attention. Camera quality is still untested, and the design is uninspired, but this is a solid phone. Does it have enough to compete with the other top dogs? Would you consider buying this phone?

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