Firefox for Android v41 brings easier search engine switching, improved bookmark management and more


Mozilla today updated Firefox for Android to version 41. This is considered a major jump, though a bulk of the changes won’t be entirely user-facing. Some of the cool things users can find are worth grabbing it for, though:

  • Quickly search with different search providers from the search panel
  • Swipe-to-close tabs on tablets
  • Overlay to manually search and copy/paste login credentials from login manager when they’re not auto-filled
  • Improved bookmark management with duplicate bookmark detection
  • Improved box-shadow rendering performance
  • Open Android applications from a web page via Intent URIs

There are also a lot of bug fixes, developer API changes, HTML5 updates and other behind-the-scenes things that should make for a smoother browsing experience. The changes are headed out to Google Play right now, so if you have it installed on your phone you should be prompted for an update soon. For those who aren’t already using Firefox, you can give it a try by heading to Google Play right here.


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