The Huawei Nexus could be offered in a 128GB variant


Storage woes for the Nexus line have been heard loud and clear over the past couple of years, with Google’s partners opting to ditch the option of expandable storage for one reason or another. But it looks like Google could be looking to alleviate some of that pain by offering a high-tier storage option for at least one of the two upcoming 2015 Nexus phones.

Android Police reports that Huawei’s Nexus will come in standard storage options starting at 32GB. We might normally expect them to stop at 64GB, but apparently an even higher 128GB option will be made available for those who value high capacities of onboard storage above all else.


Users would obviously prefer to drop a chip into their smartphones and call it a day, but this trend is one we sadly have grown used to, and if you want a Nexus device then you’ll simply have to put up with it. That, or go franken-phone style with freaky USB OTG setups. There’s also the cloud, which is something Google loves to emphasize these days. Either way, at least there are more options, and that’s about as much as we can ask for if Google insists on their stubborn need to shun the microSD slot.

Unfortunately the news won’t be as sweet for LG’s Nexus variant, with that particular device said to be coming in just 16GB and 32GB options. That might be a sign that Google is looking to keep costs for that phone down in order to lower the barrier of entry for those who want a capable Nexus phone, but we’ll have to wait for their official word before jumping to conclusions. Thankfully, their September 29th event is only 8 days away and we’ll be let in on all the juicy details then.

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