Sep 16th, 2015

Google 5.3 update Now on Tap

A new update to the Google App is rolling out now in the Google Play Store. Normally this wouldn’t be huge news. No, the search bar hasn’t been greyed out (we’re crossing our fingers this will come eventually), but if you’ve been running with the latest Developer Preview, it finally introduces one of Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s biggest features: Now on Tap. Simply long press on the home button and Google will scan whatever content you happen to be looking at for keywords and allow you to quickly search.

For those running earlier versions of Android, you can still install this and it will work just fine — just don’t expect Now on Tap functionality (although, there are alternatives). The update also brings that vertical scrolling app drawer to the Google Now Launcher, although that may not be a good thing for some of you. You can either wait for the update to hit your Google Play Store, or download via the link below. Cheers.

Download: Google 5.3 APK

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