Sep 16th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:08 pm

BlackBerry Venice closed open back

We’ve already seen enough of the BlackBerry Venice — both in previously leaked renders and actual photos of the device — that we have a pretty idea of what the phone will actually look like when it debuts later this year. That doesn’t mean we’re already bored with the device. Far from it. As one of the few higher-end Android contenders gunning for our wallets this year, we’ll take any additional leaks we can get. That is until the dang phone is actually made official.

Thankfully, the folks at Android Authority are supplying a new round of real photos and they don’t just show off the phone’s slide-out keyboard, but the custom Android software it’s running as well. Can’t say were expecting a completely stock Android experience, but it appears that, like most OEMs, BlackBerry has made a few tweaks of their own.

BlackBerry Venice custom Android UI

You can see what appears to be the launcher’s app drawer open, with a quick search bar on top, followed by an apps, widgets, and shortcuts tabs directly below it. Probably our least favorite aspect of Lollipop is the new task switcher/recents menu and it appears BlackBerry felt the same way. They’ve tweaked the recents UI with a grid of app previews that are said to change their size dynamically based on frequency of use.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get any further confirmation on the device’s specs other than the tipster revealing the model number — STV100-6 — and its Snapdragon 808 processor. According to current rumors, the phone will also have a 5.4-inch display and come with 3GB of RAM. They weren’t able to confirm that rumored November launch date but it looks like things are progressing nicely. With the phone already being spotted out in the wilds of Canada, more leaks are sure to follow.

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