Spotify Running picks music to fit your workout, and it’s now on Android



It wasn’t long ago we heard about Spotify Running, a new feature that could automatically generate playlists and select music based on your running pace and activity. That feature was only available for iOS to start, but it’s now available for those who use Android (which we reckon is a good amount of you reading this post).

The feature uses a mixture of GPS and your phone’s various motion sensors (such as the gyroscope and accelerometer) to determine your running pace. From there, it’ll intelligently find music which matches. A nice, brisk jog might find something that’s simply upbeat, while a sprint would take things up a notch.

It’s one of the many important cogs for Spotify’s attempt at creating a “life playlist.” They want to be able to play you music perfect for your mood, time of day and activity, and if their eventual goal blossoms into what they envision it could be the single most important differentiating factor up against increasingly stiff competition in the mobile music space.

The update should be rolling out through Google Play today, so be sure to keep an eye out if this is something you’ve been waiting for. Who’s going to use this as a good excuse to get up and go running today?

[via Spotify]

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