Humble Mobile Bundle 14 brings Toy Defense, Double Dragon and 4 other great titles


The latest Humble Mobile Bundle — 14, by our count — may not be the biggest of them all, but there’s certainly a great deal of quality to be had. You can name your own price for 3 of the games, but if you pay more than the average then there’s another 3 waiting for you.

Name Your Price:

  • Amelia And Terror of the Night — it’s a storybook, sure, but an interactive one. And it’s not just for kids. You follow Amelia, who bands together with her team to help rescue their friend from a villainous foe.
  • Toy Defense Premium — it’s tower defense, but with toys. Protect your base from the enemy by building turrets and deploying units.
  • One More Line — probably the most visually interesting and “WTF am I playing” games on this list. It’s a puzzle game you might find yourself addicted to.

Pay More Than the Average ($4.45 as of this writing):

  • Double Dragon Trilogy — a collection of the classic beat-em-up games with updated music and mobile-friendly controls.
  • Autumn Dynasty — this real-time strategy game lets you build and command an army to protect your kingdom.
  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath — this is a highly-rated classic title with upgraded visuals and controls fit for mobile. You’re a badass bounty hunter sort of dude who takes on Wanted contracts. What more could you want?

Don’t forget that more games are planned to be added to the bundle in due time, and you’ll be guaranteed all of them if you pay more than the average. Be sure to check them out in full by heading to the Humble Bundle website right here.

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