Sep 4th, 2015

Samsung isn’t the only company crazy enough to come out with a huge Android tablet, it seems. Enter Alcatel, who just made their 17-inch Xess Android tablet official. And yes, that’s about as “xessive” as it gets.


It’s so big, in fact, that Alcatel decided to put not only a kickstand on the rear, but a handle to go along with it. The company says it can be used for a wide range of things, which ultimately boil down to the same things you can do on most other Android tablets:

  • Movie streaming
  • Gaming
  • Recipe display for the kitchen
  • Work
  • Sketchpad for kids

Another claim to fame is its 3-watt JBL speakers, a set of drivers which should rival what you’d find in your average notebook computer. The tablet is made out of stainless steel, and is just 9.15mm thin despite all that’s going on with the rear. There’s also a stylus included that can be stowed away in the rear of the Xess.

XESS_back right

Alcatel was a bit mum on the full specs of the device at this time, but we do know it has 1080p resolution and 2GB of RAM, which sounds surprisingly similar to what Samsung is said to be bringing. There’s also a 1.5GHz chipset, though we’re not exactly sure which one.

Pricing and availability? Also nowhere to be found, but unless you absolutely need a 17-inch slate sitting around then we’d say it’s safe to consider other options. Otherwise, at least it’ll give Samsung time to show you what’s up their sleeve when they unleash full details on the Galaxy View.

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