How good are low light photos with the Sony Xperia Z5? [SAMPLE]


When a phone manufacturer takes to Twitter with a triumphant exclamation of categorical victory, we pay close attention. Not because we believe every word uttered from PR-driven social accounts, but because if they’ve got the guts to support their claims with photographic proof, we’ve got a perfectly official specimen worth critically examining.

That’s why a tweet from one of Sony’s Official accounts turned our head today regarding the newly announced Sony Xperia Z5 family.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.31.05 PM

Seems a bit odd, doesn’t it, to brag about a low light photo when the subjects of your photo are brightly illuminated by direct overhead lighting within an enclosed tent?

I think they either meant “nighttime photos” or aren’t fully aware of what constitutes a low light photo. In my book, low light photos are photos where the subject(s) themselves are in poorly lit areas, requiring the lens to compensate by allowing more light in, oftentimes resulting in a photo that is either dark and indistinguishable or light but terribly grainy.

But there is reason for hope. Sony has posted several sample photos including the one referenced above, to a sample photo gallery and the outcome is pretty superb. Like this amazing photo of a little girl smiling while her hair blows in the wind… on a bright sunny day.

Hair in wind

Or this photo, apparently of Spiderman learning how to swim… on a bright sunny day at the beach.

Sea Jump

Or this rad dude crushing a pipe on his bike… during a nice sunny day.


Or this lad, overlooking Barcelona, holding on to the last bits… of a nice sunny day.

Barcelona city

But wait! Another night time photo!


That is Yokohama. And by all accounts it’s a STUNNING photograph. Absolutely beautiful. I’d love to own a phone equipped with a camera like this… but I still don’t feel it illustrates the Xperia Z5 capabilities in low light settings.

Our hopes were initially so, we were quickly brought down to earth, then skyrocketed back up after seeing the camera’s raw power, but after being teased… we’re still hoping to see how the Z5 performs in REAL low light settings. There are a lot of Xperia fans out there rooting for you, Sony. Let’s see what you’ve got!

For the record, here is the original “Low Light” photo from their Tweet (click to enlarge):

Beach Bar

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