HTC will announce their new smartphone this Sunday, September 6th – Aero/One A9 incoming?



After the flub that was the HTC One M9, it’s clear HTC needs to something to entice smartphone buyers and fast. Like LG, HTC hasn’t been coy with their plans to launch a new “hero” device toward the end of the year. Originally rumored as the HTC Aero but more recently pegged as the HTC One A9, it appears we can finally mark a date down for the official announcement.

According to HTC’s Weibo account, spotted by the folks at GforGames, HTC is preparing to announce an all new smartphone this Sunday, September 6th. It’s not totally clear if this will be the new hero phone, or just another Desire handset but the silhouette of the phone teased on the flier certainly looks like that iPhone clone we spotted awhile back.

As HTC prepares to launch yet another handset for 2015, news that the company is preparing to layoff another 600 jobs in Taiwan — in addition to 2,300 of its global workforce — in a business realignment plan looms overhead.


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