Apple to compete with Netflix, Hulu with their own video production studio


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Streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu could soon find themselves going head-to-head with Silicon Valley juggernaut Apple for consumers’ wallets. With Apple Music successfully launched (and coming soon to Android), sources out of Variety claim that Apple is looking to get into the movie business with their very own production studio.

We’ve seen Netflix recently make a big push into this area with in-house shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black making a big splash with consumers and critics alike. It’s been doing so well for them, in fact, that Netflix recently forfeited on big name Hollywood movies in order to focus on their own content. Who would have known that creating their own production studio (with great content, mind you), would prove to be so fruitful?

It’s still unclear exactly how far along Apple is in the process, but a high-level exec said that Apple could launch the service with its own long-form streaming content as early as next year. Whether that’s TV shows, movies are both, still remains to be seen.

While not specifically Android related — at least not at the moment — Apple did throw everyone for a loop when they announced that Apple Music would also be available on Android devices later this year. It’s not too far fetched to believe they’d go a similar route with Apple Video or whatever they decide to call it. Android is simply too big to ignore.

With more and more consumers cutting the cord and making the transition to on-demand streaming services, the real loser here is pay-TV. This could be the final nail in cable television’s coffin. Can’t wait.

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