Samsung’s scheme to win over iPhone users with the Galaxy Note 5 went better than planned


Samsung Ultimate Test Drive promo

If was only Friday Samsung introduced an interesting promotion which sought out to win over iPhone users by offering them a 30-day trial with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Now, we’re not sure exactly how many units Samsung allocated for their promo (which had iPhone users sign up by visiting SamsungPromotions.com in their Safari web browsers) but whether it was simply heavy demand like Samsung says, or just low stock from the get-go, it seems they’re already plum out of devices to give out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 test drive out of stock

The promotion page is now displaying a little disclaimer at the bottom, letting the world know that Samsung is “temporarily out of test drive phones.” They’re recommending everyone keep checking back for new stock, or email them at [email protected] along with your name, email address, and phone number, to get notified when new test drive units become available.

Those that successfully complete the trial and end up buying one of Samsung’s new Galaxies are eligible to receive $100 in Google Play credit, as well as $100-off their purchase when trading in their phone. For more details, check out Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive page down below.

[Samsung Ultimate Test Drive]

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