Moto 360 2015 leaks in the wild, and it looks gorgeous


Motorola’s 2015 Moto 360 should look as good as any Android Wear watch. We’ve seen subtle hints of how it’ll look once it makes its way out of Motorola’s design labs, but we’ve finally gotten our first look at an actual watch in the wild today.

moto 360 2015 leak 1

This woman was spotted wearing a gold-shaded model with some slick red wrist straps (possibly the same leather one featured in this leaked video). Unfortunately that’s about all we can see and learn, as the person who snapped this photo didn’t quite have enough inner-ninja to grab much else.

The photo doesn’t answer many of our burning questions — such as whether a heart rate sensor is returning, as well as whether there’s a nasty flat tire sitting beneath its display — but it’s nice to get a look at its exterior ahead of launch. You’ll notice the device appears a tad bulkier than the original Moto 360, but much of that likely comes from the lugs extending from the main body of the watch.

For those into the more industrial leaks, this particular Reddit user gave us a look at the device’s metal chassis.

moto 360 2015 leak 2

This is what it looks like before all the technology bits are stuffed inside and coated with a nice finish. Unfortunately that doesn’t tell us much more about the device than we already knew, but interesting nonetheless.

If the Moto 360 looks a tad big to you in these shots, remember that it’s possible Motorola is coming with two different size options, and there may still be a desirable solution on the horizon for someone who prefers a more low profile. What are your early thoughts on this thing?

UPDATE: Found a few more from a photo ninja on Google+ and yep, looks like the flat tire is making a return for the Moto 360 2015.

Moto 360 2015 leaks

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