Aug 20th, 2015

Google Photos Rediscover this day feature

One of the best features about Google Photos is that you can back up an unlimited amount of photos at high-quality, all tucked away safely in the cloud. If you’re anything like us, you probably took full advantage of this, backing up entire hard drives full of photos. The problem with having so many photos of people, places, and things is that it’s hard to sift through all the junk and revisit those special moments from years past. But Google Photos is making that easier for you. For everyone.

In a post on Google+ today, the Google Photos team announced a new card coming to their Assistant feature called “Rediscover this day.” The new card pulls up photos from the current day, but in year’s past. This allows users to easy take a little trip down memory lane without having to put in any work. While revisiting old memories can often be fun and rewarding, other times you may want to avoid painful memory like ex’s or that time your cat died. That’s why Google is making this an opt-in feature, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to enable it in the settings.

While Google Photos is definitely taking a page from Timehop with their latest feature, it’s only for photos saved on Google Photos — not outside of it. Timehop still remains a great option for those looking to relive past memories that were once posted to social media.

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