See how the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 performs in its first drop test [VIDEO]


galaxy note 5 cracked

What do you get when you slap two slabs of glass onto a phone? A very vulnerable phone, of course. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is hooked up with super strong Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back, but if your phone happens to suffer a tall drop at a high rate of velocity, it probably won’t fare well.

PhoneBuff seems to confirm that in their drop test for the phone. If you don’t know, they use a professional drop test machine to make sure all their phones hit the same types of surfaces at the same angles every time.

The results? Not so good. The Note 5’s glass shattered on both sides on first impact. To its credit, the glass never cracked in a matter in which shards would separate from the overall construction, but it doesn’t look pretty at all.

And the Note 5’s display was only partially functional by the end of it all, though there’s a fair chance your display could still be fully functional if it suffers a nasty hit.

Take it from a team with multiple cracked phones from Samsung’s 2015 Galaxy phones: buy a case. Be very careful. Don’t let the phone fall under any circumstances. This goes double for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, if that’s what you’re after.

Use an open-backed bumper case (like this one) if you really want let that beautiful back panel shine. It might not always break, but the possibility will always exist and you won’t want to have to deal with the consequences the one time it might happen to you. Be sure to watch the drop test video above if you’re interested.

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