You can buy a Nexus 5 2015 case right now for just over $1


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Buying a case for a phone that doesn’t even officially exist? Edgy! That’s exactly what marketplace site AliExpress would allow you to do today if you were adventurous enough to do so. The company is listing a number of case options for the Nexus 5 2015, including this TPU case that can be had for just $1.60 with free shipping.

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For starters, it’s possible that many of these case makers threw a product together based on leaked specifications that may not be 100% accurate or final. And even if they did have official access to specifications you should wait out as the official announcement would bring more options to light.

Secondly, AliExpress is an eBay alternative, meaning these listings are from third-party sellers who may or may not be trusted. AliExpress shoppers have been scammed in the past, and we wouldn’t be surprised if one of these case sellers are looking to do just that.

We should also note that the cases will take ages to ship too, with some listings showing a ship date as far off as 60 days. You can take a look at all of them right here if you’re curious, and if you’re crazy enough to buy one this early be sure to let us know which!

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