LG’s upcoming Android Wear watch could have highest resolution yet at 480 x 480



Android Wear smart watches have largely been the same in every area other than design, but LG could find themselves having the one differentiating feature that would make the entire industry take notice. New information received by Phandroid suggests the company is working on a new Android Wear watch codenamed “Nemo.”

There isn’t much to know about this smart watch at this time, but we do know that it will have the highest resolution display any Android Wear watch has ever had. That resolution is 480 x 480.

Doesn’t sound insane by a smartphone’s standards, but that’s actually insane for smart watches. If we assume this watch has a circular 1.3-inch display size — which is what the LG Watch Urbane (pictured above) has — we would have a pixel density of around 340 to 400 ppi. This is compared to the Watch Urbane’s 320 x 320 for around 240 ppi. That would make it pretty darn hard to find a pixel when the watch is up in your face.

Pixel density for smart watches might not seem like the most important spec to care about, but it should provide the sort of crispness that would make a well-designed watch face look like, well, an actual physical watch face. It should also virtually eliminate the possibility of having any readability issues no matter what sort of eyes you have. We’ll be on the lookout for more info about this bad boy in the months to come.

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