LG has curved TVs, so they made a curved sound bar with Google Cast to go with them


lg hs8 soundbar

LG has a new sound bar coming out for those who want to upgrade their home theater sound. It’s the HS8, and it enters the LG Music Flow line as it has support for Google Cast. If you don’t know, Google Cast allows you to beam your music directly to your audio devices, so you can use your sound bar for more than just the sound coming from your television.

The big deal with this particular model is that it’s curved! It’s not the biggest technological achievement for a speaker system, but it sure does go nicely with those curved televisions LG sells. The HS8 can be linked with other compatible Music Flow speakers to dish out sound throughout the home simultaneously, and speakers in the same room can automatically calibrate themselves to work together and deliver a cinematic sound.

LG says the HS8 will be made available to European customers as soon as next week, though there was no word on price or when we can expect other regions to be able to buy the thing.

[via LG]

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