Pushbullet brings end-to-end encryption in latest update


pushbulelt end-to-end encryption

Pushbullet has set themselves up to be a serious file transfer and messaging solution with today’s update. The company has announced the inclusion of end-to-end encryption for SMS conversations, device notification mirroring and any files pushed between your devices.

So what does this mean? It means any data sent back and forth between your devices is wholly encrypted. The encryption and decryption happens right on the devices, too, so Pushbullet is never exposed to its contents. Your encryption key is generated by an ultra secure algorithm based on a password that you setup.

End-to-end encryption is important for people who want to be absolutely sure no one can snoop on their data. And because Pushbullet handles sensitive information like the contents of notifications and messages, you can see why this is important for the future of the platform. It’ll give business peace of mind and let their users continue using Pushbullet at their leisure, and there’s little chance your data could ever fall into the wrong hands as a result.

It’s rolling out in Google Play right now, and the Chrome and Windows applications are also getting some love. Those with iOS devices can expect to see it as soon as Apple approves the update. Go and grab it!

[via Pushbullet]

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