Aug 11th, 2015

Nextbit reboot smartphone

After generating millions of dollars in revenue by selling its software backup utility to Japan’s NTT Docomo for use in their Android devices, Nextbit — a Google Ventures-backed startup — will now turn its efforts into building a new Android smartphone. With an already saturated mobile market, what could Nextbit possibly offer that countless other Android OEM don’t already (let alone the hurdles that come with building a new smartphone from scratch)? Well, the company appears to be in capable hands.

Nextbit team

Comprised of ex Google execs like Tom Moss (CEO), Mike Chan (CTO), and former HTC design chief Scott Croyle (CPO), the phone will reportedly target that new premium-but-still-affordable-tier pricing of around $300-$400. Keeping their cards close to their chest, Nextbit’s CEO wouldn’t divulge too much info, only mentioning in a recent in a recent interview that “It’s going to be friggin’ awesome.”

Other than that, Nextbit says that unlike most Android devices, their phone looks to combat “phone fatigue” by actually growing better over time. Nexbit believes they can accomplish this with continual software updates to help the phone “function at a higher level.” An interesting prospect given the amount of Android devices that  tack on more software features over time, but tend to take a drastic hit in performance (we’re looking at you Samsung).

The mysterious new smartphone is scheduled to be officially unveiled on September 1st, so mark you calendars. As for rival startups like OnePlus, they have officially been put on notice.


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