Apps Edge might return with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+



It seems we’ve heard next to everything about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ ahead of its August 13th debut, but one little tidbit remained hidden. According to a recent leak, Samsung will be reintroducing the Apps Edge with the launch of this curved display phablet.

We were a bit saddened to see that the Edge display on the original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge wasn’t as robust as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge’s in that it doesn’t allow you to run mini apps or get updates on weather, news and other notifications. Instead, Samsung opted to simplify it and make it the coolest caller ID ever.

Well, some of that functionality might make a return. Samsung will apparently improve the Edge features on the S6 Edge+ by allowing you to quick launch applications, as well as previous functionality of getting quick access to your five most favorite contacts.


Unfortunately there’s no evidence suggesting that this is anything more than a quick launch feature, so the jury is still out on whether we’ll get full-fledged Edge-based apps like on the Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung will also add more actions when you click on a contact. Previously you were only able send a message, place a call or send an email to that contact. The updated version will add sending photos, emotes and initiating video calls.

Otherwise, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ should be mostly identical to its smaller sibling, albeit with obvious bumps in display size (5.7 inches vs 5.1 inches) and battery (2,600mAh vs 3,000mAh). We’ll be learning more in just a couple of days so stick with us.

[via PhoneProbe]

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