Apple wants to hire Android developers to build “exciting new mobile products”


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Although we know Apple will be bringing their first ever app to Android with Apple Music, it’s still interesting to see them calling for Android developers in job listings. Their latest one says they want a developer to build “exciting new mobile products” for Android.

New “products,” eh? Are we in for more than just Apple Music? Perhaps we’re just reading too deeply into the listing and this is simply another position to help get Apple Music ready for primetime, but then there’s this Apple Music-specific listing that they could have used for multiple applicants, so that would be unnecessarily redundant.

We’re not even sure which of Apple’s other apps we’d want on Android. iMessage so we can finally knock down this silly messaging barrier? iTunes? Maybe even Apple Watch support so folks can buy the thing without having to grab an iPhone alongside with it? All great candidates, we’d say.

In any case, we’re glad to see that Apple can play ball and give the competition a slice of their pie in this day and age, even if the motive for serving that pie is purely about making money. It might have been silly to guess that we’d see Apple apps on Android under Steve Jobs’ rule, but this new Apple is a breath of fresh air and we hope they continue warming up to the idea of smartphone harmony over the course of the next few years.

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