Here’s another look at the supposed Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact



It was only yesterday that we’d caught wind of a pair of Sony smartphones in the works. The leak revealed Sony’s potential plan to implement fingerprint scanners in their flagship phones for the first time.

What was even more interesting is that the fingerprint scanners are side-mounted, and have dual functionality as the devices’ power buttons. Here’s another look at those phones stacked atop each other that was leaked earlier today:

sony xperia z5 compact leak

As we mentioned yesterday, these leaks don’t necessarily give us a clear idea of what the device’s final design will be. It’s possible (and almost likely) that these are prototype units, so don’t be surprised if we get a much different looking device compared to what you see here.

Sony has booked a slice of time during IFA September 2nd to announce their new mobile wares for 2015, and we’re sure we’ll hear something about these two darlings once that time approaches. In the meantime let us know what other cool features you wouldn’t mind seeing for Sony’s latest Xperia flagships.

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