OnePlus 2 has some pretty amazing wallpapers and you can download them all right here


OnePlus 2 wallpaper never_settle

Say what you will about the OnePlus 2 (despite a lack of NFC, it’s still a damn good phone for the price), but the folks at OnePlus really designed some amazing wallpapers for the device. They waxed poetic about their default wallpaper in a wordy post on their blog, eventually posting all the walls on their forum for all to enjoy. There’s a good mix here, with most fitting in perfectly with Lollipop’s grayish/green color palette.

Just keep in mind these were designed for the OnePlus 2 which carries a 1080p display. For best results, it’s recommended your device has the same. We provided the download link with the zip below, along with a gallery linking to the full size images if you’d like to pick and choose on your own. Cheers.

Download all: OnePlus 2 wallpapers (26MB zip)

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