New prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with its S-Pen leaks



We’ve already seen physical shots of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in quite a few images before, but the latest leak us a look at one interesting angle of the device we haven’t seen to date: its underside. This pre-production prototype unit seems to don Samsung’s 2015 style and flare just as well as anything, but how does it look when an S-Pen is involved?


Pretty good. As expected, the Note 5’s S-Pen rests flush inside its holding bay. Unfortunately we don’t yet know how exactly the ejection mechanism will work, but the images released to date suggest there will be little more than your typical “slide it out with your fingernail” implementation.

One previous shot of the device’s S-Pen does reveal that the top may be clickable, so it’s possible you’ll be able to push the S-Pen in a bit to get it to spring out for use.


These shots also give us a look at the device’s USB port, which — unfortunately — looks like it won’t be the new USB Type-C we’ll be seeing on other phones this year. Of course, this is only a pre-production unit so there’s a chance we could see something different by the time Samsung is ready to announce the Note 5, an event we hear will happen at some point in mid-August.

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