Jul 16th, 2015

angry birds 2

There have been a ton of Angry Birds titles released since the original, but curiously enough we’ve never gotten a proper sequel. That’s about to change. Rovio has announced Angry Birds 2, the first numbered version other than the sequel to the Star Wars spin-off series.

Unfortunately Rovio is just as much of a tease as they always were as the company hasn’t given us any clue what to expect. We’ve seen their willingness to stray from the classic formula over the years so we wouldn’t be surprised if they thought up an entirely new way to play.

One thing they did drop was the video you see above, which gives us a bird’s view of the pigs they’re trying to bust up. Perhaps we’re just looking too deep into it, but could this be a hint that we’ll be playing Angry Birds from a first person perspective? That’s something many folks have been curious to try out from the get-go, and it certainly would be a big enough evolution to warrant a proper sequel.

The game launches July 30th so there won’t be too long of a wait to see what’s in store. You can expect to find it in Google Play once that day arrives.

[via Rovio]

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