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Google today expanded on plans of theirs to take their advertising business via Google Search to the next level. It’s not enough to feed you accurate product results in the form of ads whenever you search something, but now Google is even offering to whisk you through the checkout process for whatever you’re looking to buy straight from their search engine.

It’s being called Purchase on Google, and it’s simple: if a product you are searching information on is supported in Purchase on Google, you get an easy buy button to purchase one right within the search result. This isn’t before Google will serve up customer reviews and other product information, of course.

While full implementation details haven’t yet been revealed, we imagine Google will look to build this functionality in a way that doesn’t intrude with the user’s search experience. The button should be there if you need it, but out of the way and easily avoidable if you don’t.

Google will also apparently automatically show you a ranking of products if you aren’t sure what to buy. For instance, a search of “the best sunscreen products” would turn up a list of the top 3 products based on nothing but reviews.

We’re sure Google won’t do much to influence these results, especially since they’ve been facing a nasty antitrust case in the European Union as of late. In any case, the rollout will begin within weeks, so brace yourselves and try not to be too surprised once you see start to see these changes appear.

[via Business Insider]

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