Nokia confirms they will license their brand for other smartphone makers


Nokia N1 DSC08998

Rumors? Who needs them? Nokia has come out to confirm previous reports which suggested the company would re-enter the smartphone market soon. Those original reports suggested the company would look to license their brand to interested device manufacturers, much like what they did with Foxconn for the Android-based Nokia N1 tablet.

“It’s complicated,” Nokia said in a statement. The casual undertone of the release aside, Nokia says their current focus is on network infrastructure and services, as well as their HERE Maps business.

But if they can find the right hardware partner, they won’t hesitate to let that manufacturer make a phone with their name on it. Nokia says such a manufacturer would not only have to be capable of building a high quality product, but also bear the responsibility of sales, marketing and distribution.

Unfortunately, the company still isn’t saying who they have in mind, and their release statement suggests they haven’t even gotten into bed with anyone yet. Regardless, the earliest we’ll see anything from Nokia is Q4 2016, which is the earliest date Microsoft will allow their name to be put onto a smartphone as per their breakup agreement. In the meantime you can always pick up the Nokia N1 if you’re just dying to have something with the big “N” logo on it.

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