Jul 9th, 2015

facebook messenger

One of the biggest complaints about Facebook in modern times is regarding the news feed and its lack of customization. That’s your main area for all new updates and posts from your friends, so it stands to be the most important component to the social network.

Thankfully Facebook is giving us a tad bit more customization today. The company has announced a new crop of options for those who want to control what, exactly, they see, and from whom. You’ll be able to choose which friends’ posts you want to see first, select whether or not you want to see posts from specific friends, and find new pages to add using the new Discover New Pages option.

And here’s where the bad news comes in: it’s only available on iOS today. That said, Facebook tells us to expect the new options to roll out for Android users over the next few weeks. In the meantime you can use the video above to get a quick preview of what’s in store once the update has made its way to your phone.

[via Facebook]