Pushbullet’s massive new update makes it a file sharing juggernaut [VIDEO]



Pushbullet is getting a huge new update today, and it makes this one of the most pleasant file sharing apps out there. The main change you will see is a new user interface that breaks shared files up into 3 different categories:

pushbullet update

  • Friends: stuff you’ve shared to friends, or stuff they’ve shared with you. You can even tap a friend’s name to see your share history with that person.
  • Me: stuff you’ve shared to your various devices.
  • Following: stuff being shared to certain “channels” that you can follow.

Makes a lot of sense, no? They’ve also improved messaging and replying to make it easy to respond to a friend’s file without having to jump through hoops.

We’re also getting revamped browser extensions that’ll give you access to all these features and new info, as well as a brand new Windows app that introduces a very awesome feature: chat heads. The Windows app can be minimized to your tray, and if a friend pushes something to you you’ll see a bubble with their face pop up. Opening the bubble shows a concise user interface for viewing and replying to that friend, and it’s just as easy to whisk them back away until the next time they have a cat picture to throw your way.

Oh, and those same changes are headed to the web version of Pushbullet, as well. This is a very big step for the team, and it essentially makes Pushbullet a chat platform with a really robust file sharing element  Can’t say we’re not totally excited for where this thing is headed. You can find download links here to get Pushbullet for whichever devices you want it on.

[via Pushbullet]

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  1. A thing of beauty…

  2. Update is awesome!

  3. Has anyone actually used this with another person?

    1. I used an older version once on my Galaxy Note 2; it never worked, either sending stuff to a PC or to another Android device.

      These days, I just email them or use dropbox instead.

  4. I do not need yet another chat application none of my friends will use! I do need a reliable way to transfer data (links, files, etc.) between my own devices. I do need a way to mirror and respond to notifications between my own devices. I do need a way to synchronize my devices so all have the same notifications/responses.

  5. Man, this update stinks so far. My notifications no longer work. I push stuff through my browser and I get nothing on my phone as far as a notification. I have to manually open the app then choose the file to download. Just needless extra steps. What the heck happened?

    Gonna start looking for alternatives if this isn’t sorted. Why must good apps go bad? I’ve got four apps that are like ten versions behind because all subsequent versions just ruined their practicality.

    This is why for most of my fave apps I keep a mirror of its APK on my computer, the version that worked perfectly for me, so that I can re install on any further devices I use. I did this with my fave podcast app, launcher, a couple of games, Dolphin browser and others. I like change but not if it ruins an app.

    1. Same with me, notifications have stopped and I have to open the app everytime I send myself something. Hope they’ll fix it.

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