Jun 26th, 2015

“Run in circles” is an idiom that usually has something to do with wasting your time, and that is exactly what Running Circles does, but in a good way. This is yet another extremely addictive game that will waste all your free time if you’re not careful.

The main goal of Running Circles is to successful move from circle to circle for as long as possible. Your character is constantly running around circles, but you control when and where it goes. To play the game you only need to tap the screen. On each tap the running character with switch from the inside of the circle to the outside, or vice versa. If you time it just right you can jump to a connected circle.

Running Circles screens

Your score is determined by how many circles you can successfully enter before running into an obstacle. The obstacles can be stationary or in motion, and if you run into the outside of an adjoining circle you’ll also be killed. While you’re playing you can collect diamonds for purchasing new characters.

The single player mode is addictive enough, but there is also a multiplayer mode. The gameplay is the same as single mode, only this time you’re going up against another player. Sometimes you’ll see them in real-time, but mostly you’ll play against their ghost. You can challenge friends fro Facebook, random players, or send an invite. The multiplayer mode adds a layer of competition that makes the game even more fun.

Running Circles is free to download and play, but there are in-app purchases. You can unlock Easy Mode for $4.99 and unlock all the characters for $9.99. Extra diamonds are also up for sale if you’re willing to spend real money of fake currency. The good news is it’s very easy to play the game without spending a dime. It’s fun, well designed, and very addictive. Download Runnin Circles for free here.