Huawei gives some Honor 6 owners a chance to beta test Android 5.1 Lollipop before official rollout


Huawei Honor 6 Lollipop

It’s not the first OEM that comes to mind when you think of software updates, but Huawei has been making a better effort at supporting some of their flagships with newer versions of Android. A few weeks back they kicked off a new community forum where members could test out new software updates and even try out devices before they’re released to the public. Earlier this month, the allowed community member to test drive Android Lollipop on the Huawei Mate 2 and now they’re doing it again, this time with the Huawei Honor 6.

Huawei UK announced the news on their Facebook page, letting Honor 6 owners in Europe know they could test drive the new update which will bring the Honor 6 up to Android 5.1 along with EMUI 3.1 (Huawei’s custom user interface). When the Honor 6 launched in August of last year, it was running Android 4.4.2 KitKat so this new update is sure to make users happy (well, once it officially rolls out).

To get started, you’ll first need to sign up for Huawei’s “Honor Club” and drop them an email here with the subject ‘’Beta Test Honor 6” along with the IMEI number on your device and a short statement on why you should be the one to test the new update. Huawei will be hand-selecting 100 applicants in the UK, Germany, and France up until June 30th and you’ll need to remain in contact with Huawei to report any bugs.

Once again, this is beta software, so weirdness and general instability are almost certain. If that hasn’t scared you away then godspeed. Applicants will be notified by next week if they were selected to test the new software update. Cheers.


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