Deal: Get a Samsung Galaxy S III with 1 year of unlimited talk & text for just $149



If you’re looking for a cheap phone to add to your arsenal we’ve got a great deal for you. The Samsung Galaxy S III is available from Android Area for just $149. That alone is a pretty sweet deal, but it gets even sweeter. The phone comes with one full year of unlimited talk and text, 500MB of 4G/LTE data, visual voicemail, and tethering from FreedomPop. You can’t beat one year of free phone service.

The phone itself was once the top of the line, but now it’s a great mid-range device. The GS3 has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, 8MP camera, quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 2100mAh battery. It’s not the flashiest phone ever made anymore, but for $149 off-contract it’s not a bad deal. Head on over to snag this deal while it lasts. This is the perfect set-up for a back-up phone. Just pick it up and use it. No worries about swapping SIM cards or buying a plan.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. The GS3 is still King of all Galaxys. Just Saying. Still use mine as a back up

    1. See above, I hope you don’t have an external in that bad boy..

      1. Actually, do…

      2. Never had a problem with an external sd card…never heard of a problem except for those that tried to encrypt them (and I thought that was a general android bug, not specifically related to Samsung).

    2. no your wrong , S2 is the king of galaxies. the S2 had no blew every other phone out of the water (yes even the iphone) at the time

      1. Galaxy S3 is the best-selling Galaxy to-date .

        1. because they knew about the S2

  2. This is the phone that killed Samsung for me! I was victim of the famous hardware erase of the external SD card without any help from Samsung. I had so much music, pictures, and time invested on this card…I still have the card and will hopefully be able to extract the info without paying a pretty penny. I do know that Samsung mobile division will never get a penny more of my money!

    1. I bought a 16GB Samsung SD Card for My GS3 had it for 3 I have it in my Xperia like a charm!!

      1. Happy you’re unfamiliar with the issue, others weren’t so lucky unfortunately. And type of card didn’t matter. Frustrating for those it hit.

        1. I’m unfamiliar with that issue as well…owned the SGS3 for over two years…

          1. Daughter’s SGS3 had it, son-in-law’s didn’t. It was a firmware issue well established on Android Forums and XDA.

            It’s like the rain – it may be dry for you today, but that doesn’t prove it’s going to be dry for everyone. I think that sometimes, people claiming that phone XYZ sucked or was perfect maybe forget that.

            Fwiw, the SGS3 continues to be my favorite of the series, if you handed me a new one today, I’d be very happy. (Although in fairness, I haven’t tried an S6.)

          2. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m mostly surprised I never even heard of it (except for the general bug that affected all Android phones when doing encryption on an external SD). I was into rooting and ROMing back in the day.

            My dad got this very phone from FreedomPop for Father’s Day…bummed that we paid more! PS – He was thrilled, because he’s coming from a flip phone.

          3. Nice, I bet he’s going to love it.

            Sorry for the misunderstanding.

            I was hella surprised when I first heard about it. Just glad it wasn’t widespread – and sorry for those that it hit.

    2. it deleted the SD card? Why?
      I have this device for years and didn’t get this issue.
      However, in the past 3 days I got an issue with the screen/GPU (or something else). I hope it won’t cost much to repair it.

  3. My SGS3 is my clock in my living room with my entertainment system using the Timely app sitting on a cool Qi wireless charger. Looks cool, has a night mode, and I can use it as a phone IF needed (though all radio functions like wifi, bt, sync, data, are shut off so it does nothing but act like a cool clock).

  4. All we needed was stinking ads like this in these blogs. Don’t have enough ads on your pages?…there are more ads on sites like this than useful info!!

    1. Considering this site is free to read, they gotta pay for the bandwidth some how. Just be cause it’s free to us doesn’t mean it’s free for them.

      1. Totally agree and you said the magic work “free to “READ””…what is the use if the page doesn’t load because of all the craps on them?. I am not against ads or ad articles but there’s got to be a threshold to make the content viewable.

  5. Much better than the desire 510 deal not to far back.

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