Google adds new accessories to Androidify for an online Pride parade



Google has a long history of supporting the LGBT community. Last year they even changed the logo at Google HQ to reflect the rainbow flag. This year they are doing a global “online Pride parade.” The basis of the event is Android’s “Be together, not the same” mantra.

The Androidify service has been decked out with appropriate accessories for the Pride parade. They even started a new hashtag, so you know how serious this is. The hashtag is #andproud. Some celebrities have already shown support by using the hashtag and showing off their Androidified characters.

Want to be included in the parade? Create an Androidified version of yourself before June 27th and share it on Google’s special landing site. You can also share it on various social networks with the hashtag #andproud. Get out there and show some pride!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Smh..

    1. Oh no!!! Someone feels the need to express disappointment in something that doesn’t affect them.

      1. Or does it? Affect him? Shrugs Shoulders. :)

      2. Oh noes! You have expressed your discontent with his opinion which doesn’t affect YOU!

        You earn 3 internetz!

        1. Oh noes! You have expressed discontent with someone else’s discontent with someone else’s dissapointment with an article they didn’t have to read! You’ve earned 6 internets!!!

          (It did affect me because I had to read it while scrolling down. He didn’t have to click the link to the article.)

          1. Oh noes! You’re here minding other people’s opinions that don’t affect you and reading posts that you didn’t need to and then…getting mad because the issue doesn’t affect them and for reading posts they didn’t need to!

            Save the finger for yourself. I’m sure you have creative uses for it.

          2. Oh noes! You’re doing the exact same thing and somehow think you have the moral high ground!!!
            12 Internetz for you.
            I’m not in the least bit mad. His opinion is not offendive to me, but posting when you knew you were gonna dislike it in the first place based on the title and photo makes one a tad but douchey. Much like yourself.

            Go white knight somewhere else clown lol.

          3. Having a differing or negative opinion is not in and of itself bad. Taking the extra step to do it when you easily could have not clicked it, however, is douchey.

        2. His opinion keeps people from having equal rights, that affects everyone whether you are LGBT or not.

      3. People do disagree. There will always be that one. It’s what makes equality, equality.

        I kinda like seeing the negative opinions. I get a feel of everyone’s point-of-view.

  2. Thanks Google! We’re not all straight and/or narrow!

  3. daaaang, these are cute! Might use these for our anniversary :-)

  4. Celebrate! Sir Ian approves of this message:

    1. LoL!!

      But I heard the original “You shall not pass” and it’s nothing like how I thought he’d say it. ._.

  5. This might make me re-download the app.

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