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A couple of years ago it might have been a bit taboo to hear of companies like Nokia and Blackberry using Android after years of doing their own thing, but it seems to be commonplace by now. A Reuters report suggests Blackberry will be taking a crack at making an Android device of their own at some point down the line.

Blackberry’s big heavy-hitting move was to regain the large pool of market share they lost with the launch of Blackberry 10 devices. Those devices and the overhauled OS were quite good by Blackberry’s standards, but tech moves too fast and Android’s explosion in popularity seems to have been too much for the Waterloo company to overcome.

Reuters reports that the device would house a slide-out keyboard, a detail we’re sure many past Blackberry fans are pleased to hear considering keyboards are a huge selling point of Blackberry hardware.

Using Android on a new smartphone would seem to confirm that Blackberry is looking to be more of a software and services company rather than take on Apple’s strategy of us against the world (but even they are starting to come around these days). We’ve already seen great evidence of that with the launch of Blackberry Messenger on iOS and Android, as well as Blackberry’s enterprise-focused BES suite that helps businesses maintain ultimate device security and management.

We honestly would love to see a Blackberry phone, but our only hope is that it doesn’t succumb to the same strategies that failed the Amazon Fire Phone and Nokia’s X lineup — that is, completely disregard the Google-fueled Android ecosystem in hopes to make Android their absolute own. Make us proud, Blackberry.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’d try it they do it right. Similar to HTC, LG, Sony and Samsung devices. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just give it your own flare BB.

  2. It would be very nostalgic to use a Blackberry again. Add Android, pretty neat. I don’t see me using it more than a day or 2 though. Best of luck BB.

    I loved the keyboard.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see what is offered,whether high-end specs/pricing,and/or,choices in form factor.

    I think if they opt for a single device,something akin to the BlackBerry Torch would have a broader appeal than a small screened/fixed hardware keyboard device.

    1. Only bad thing about sliders is that the mechanisms get dirty and fall apart over time

      1. My og droid and droid 4 had lots of problems but the hinges are still perfect to this day. All it takes is a few seconds from a compressed air can every few to keep it working perfect.

        1. Ya but that is one use case. I guarantee you most people are too lazy to hit it with the air can lol. I get what you are saying but it adds an element of risk in terms of breakage that really isn’t necessary.

          1. Not really, if they are simple like the motos they don’t break. They only break when companies go over board and add extra mechanisms like a sidekick. And using air is mostly just for cleanliness, plus you have a physical keyboard, it’s no different then cleaning a laptop keyboard.

  4. I seriously thought they were just going to stay the course due to extreme stubbornness. Either way good on them I just hope it’s not too late.

    1. Roses are black, violets are black, Blackberries are black, I can’t see.

  5. Forked OS incoming!

    1. I am inclined to agree. Blackberry is first and foremost about security. They will likely utilize a curated app store.

      1. That would defeat the whole purpose of this

        1. I agree with you but that doesn’t mean it is going to happen like this. Blackberry is unlikely to sell a device with play store access to corporate clients as that would require them to use google’s android for work program. They, for obvious reasons, would prefer to use BES which would mean they would need greater control for their own branded device.

  6. Android L w/ BB 12 Launcher(or skin) slide out Keyboard!!!!! ??????

  7. Unnamed source gives exclusive to Reuters, BB stock rises and turns around steady decline that started on May 22nd.

    Nothing to see here.

  8. I’ll buy one

  9. What, no winders? ?

  10. At this point i’d say go big and make a flagship android phone.

  11. I like the passport. If they made something like that running android I’d get it.

  12. If it runs fairly stock android modern high end specs and has a keyboard a good as droid 4 if seriously consider it. Nobody has made a high end hardware keyboard phone since the droid 1

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