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Android Which Phone tool landing

Because the hardest part in choosing Android over iOS is figuring out which, out the hundreds of Android phones available, you should pick next. Google wants to help make that decision making process a little easier. The search giant has just launched a new landing page on Android.com that compares various devices with a handy online web tool.

Android Which Phone tool 2

It’s actually pretty basic. You basically answer a variety of questions like how you plan on using your Android device the most, followed by a few followup questions (how often do you plan on using your camera per week?). Google will continue prying, asking how what about the camera is most important, and when you’re all done, Google will pull up some matches based on your carrier preference.

Android Which Phone tool 3

Once they’ve presented their results — along with specs and software features — you can further filter down results by size, price, or “latest phones.” We’re not going to lie, we hit a few snags in the tool already, with the pictures of the devices not matching their name or descriptions. In either case, you can give it a try for yourself, or simply recommend it to friends and family looking for a new smartphone that isn’t the iPhone 6. Hop on over with the link down below.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Note 4 looks a lot like the M9…

    1. ?????

    2. all of them do not match…
      how could I miss it…

    3. I ran across this tool someone built that had sliders for memory, ram etc. on the left of the webpage that you could play with and many Android devices on the right with pictures and everything. As you adjust the bars on the left the choices are narrowed down. I can’t remember where I saw it, though. It worked pretty well, though.

  2. It is kinda lame. I tried 4 different ways and got nothing but samsung phones. My work phone is a GS4. I’ve had it 2 years and I hate it… my personal phone is a MotoG and I love it.

  3. So I got the G4, the N6, and the Note 4. The last 2 are far too big, the last one specifically is a Samsung, (nope) and the first one is far too bloated. Therefore, I’ll split the difference and cover the spread. The Nexus 5 is still the best possible phone for me. Fun tool though. I can’t wait to see what happens when it grows some legs and get’s some more qualifiers.

  4. They haven’t made a good phone this year

  5. wait… that image…

    1. hope it’s not a Nexus 5 2015. It has large bezel at the bottom.

  6. My recommendations from ElGoog:
    Galaxy S6/edge
    Galaxy S5
    Nexus 6
    HTC One M9
    HTC One M8
    LG G4

    Kinda scratching my head as to why nothing but top-dollar recommendations.
    The only category that I listed as a heavy use one was web browsing.

    Could have just as well recommended OnePlus/ASUS Zenfone2,or any number of similar-priced/capable devices.

    Makes me wonder if this is nothing more than sponsored infotainment…………….

    1. Have you changed the price point? I did that and got the Moto G as one of my options.

      1. THX for the suggestion.
        I changed to mid-range & basically turned up the flagships of the past 2yrs
        G-Flex,Moto X,GS4,LG G3,HTC Desire Eye.
        The tool is still abit of a beta,as when I switched from all carriers to mine,it reverted to only showing this year’s top models. (G4,S6-EDGE,M9)

  7. Pretty useless the one from tweakers.net is a lot better

    1. Can’t use it. Not in English. Also, not sure what to press there…

      1. http://tweakers.net/categorie/215/smartphones/producten/

        You can use Google translate to translate it to English the language is dutch

        1. ok, it’s just that usually Google translate pages in a bad way.
          This website seems fine after Google-translate works on it.
          EDIT: no,it misses translation for some reason, of some words

          1. I can translate some of the words if you want

          2. That’s ok. thank you.

  8. The website has some issues, even on Chromium.
    How about this cool chart:

    1. I honestly did not expect such an interactive chart. This chart is godsend!!

      1. It’s not mine. You can however tell the creator of the website how you feel about it, and maybe request other things to add there.
        I know I want some (battery scores, removable battery, etc…).

  9. I recently switched from Android to iOS. I was just tired of the buggy homescreen on my Gnote 4. Hopefully Android will match iOS when it comes to stability and security.

    1. Buggy homescreens….I have NO idea what that even means

      1. But he has 29k comments….

  10. M8 user and got matched with the M9, N6, and S6. Pretty cool concept, it may just help me choose my next phone someday

    1. M8 user and I got the S6/S6 Edge, LG G4 and Nexus 6. Hmm…

  11. The image has me very confused…

    1. Then better to buy them all, just to be safe :)

  12. Pretty much just got the latest phones M9, Nexus 6, Galaxy S6. One of the things that it doesn’t do is ask your price range.

    1. It does at the end. Once you’re at the end looking at the devices glance on top of the devices. You’ll see 4 drop-down lists. Default the price is at “All”.

  13. No, what Google has forgotten is this:

    – carrier/lack of knowledge of new phones coming out, due to intentional actions of carrier /blind purchase/happy carriers.

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