Motorola finally catches up to other retailers, drops price of the Nexus 6 to $500


Nexus 6 sale 150 off

Last week we watched as retailers like Google, Amazon, and Best Buy officially dropped the price of the Nexus 6 by $150. It’s not a bad deal and probably the price the phone should have launched at initially, but I digress.

Today, Motorola is finally following suit with the same deal, but unlike Google who simply hinted at a limited time discount, Motorola actually gives us a deadline: the deal is only good until Saturday, June 23rd (10:59AM CT). The deal offers up a Nexus 6 32GB for $500, and 64GB for $550.

Why buy from Motorola versus some of the other retailers offering the same deal? Well, Motorola does offer their own line of credit if you’re looking to pay the phone off with payments. Not to mention Motorola also offers a $130 extended warranty that covers accidental damages for up to 2 years (up to 3 claims, $40 a claim).

We’re not entirely sure if this is the kind of deal that will win over those looking to upgrade, but it’s definitely a nice incentive.

[Buy on Motorola: Nexus 6]

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  1. Its not worth it IMO. Both the backs of my nexus 6 came off. Thank goodness moto isn’t making the next nexus

    1. It was too much to being with anyways.

      1. I own a Nexus 6, and yes the phone was too big (although I got used to it.. it is out of the “comfort zone” of most hands). But the few flaws,i f you want to call them that, are far superseded by the positives of the device. In the end it will go down as a great phone, but there are some tweaks that should be done for the next iteration of the Nexus. No phone is perfect. Ans Master94, I never had the issue of the back coming apart, but I know someone that is happened to. Truly sorry that it happened to you. (no, I don’t work for M).

    2. How did they come off?

  2. This puppy fizzled out fast!!

  3. Deal has been on Motos site since at least Sunday, at least that is when I noticed it….almost pulled the trigger (frustrated Moto X (2013) user).

  4. Too many flaws with the phone to justify the premium price tag…I’ve always suspected it was given that price because of the Lenovo deal. The horrid low end flash storage was a deal breaker by itself.

  5. FYI, June 23rd is on a Tuesday on my calendar.

  6. I’d seriously consider getting this deal if I hadn’t gotten a used but unopened Nexus 6 64Gb a couple months ago on Craigslist. This was coming from a OnePlus One, which I still have. I picked up the OnePlus One today and found it small after using the Nexus 6 64Gb as my daily driver since I got it. I got a standard Diztronic case on it and an Armorsuit Military shield (case friendly) screen protector on it.
    I think batteries tend to expand with age. I replaced a parents Galaxy S3 battery recently and the old one was visibly thicker compared to the 2015 manufactured new one. Maybe the new batteries are designed slightly thinner but my theory is that they eventually expand slightly with age and usage. I would not be surprised if the Nexus 6 I have case expands due to the battery eventually expanding. I sure will evaluate things close to my 1 year warranty ending, though, and send it back for replacement if it does occur. Looking back, I would seriously consider an LG G4 with it’s benefits including a removable battery. I just would be cautious with the G4’s ability to survive a fall after seeing some drop test online. I would definitely get a case for it. I’m good with my Nexus 6 64Gb now though. I do sometimes thing it may be too big. I don’t think i’d see myself with any bigger phone than the Nexus 6. I could see myself going back to a 5.5″ display phone in the future, though. The Nexus 6 works but it is potentially too big. I still like it, though.

  7. This is quite expected as the device is now more than 6 months old and there are so many
    competitors like Galaxy S6 With wireless charger in the market. So they have to reduce the price.

    1. LoL!! You did not post that link…

    2. Wireless charging doesn’t determine a product’s price lol.

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