Samsung could be planning an auto-eject feature for Galaxy Note 5’s S-Pen


note s-pen eject

Samsung’s latest idea for the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might not be a groundbreaking invention, but it is pretty damn cool. The company has patented a mechanism for a Note device’s S-Pen that’ll allow it to automatically eject from its chassis.

The patent details a system where a user can issue some sort of command — be it a gesture, voice or a simple touch of a button — to have the S-Pen eject from the device. An ejection feature for the S-Pen doesn’t sound all that great when you first think about it — you still have to reach under to fully eject the pen — but it could improve the user experience in a couple of different ways.

For instance, an app that primarily uses the S-Pen for manipulation might automatically eject the pen when you open it, giving the user a meaningful cue that it’s probably best to use the pen for that app.

More than just that, though, the patent also discusses the possibility of using a mechanical locking system to keep the pen in place when not in use. It’s pretty hard to lose an S-Pen if you keep it inside the phone as the magnets are strong enough to hold it securely in place, but if for whatever reason your S-Pen often wiggles its way out of the holding bay this would be a nice addition.

But mostly it doesn’t sound like anything that would make or break the Note experience. It’s cool, though, and we’d love to see it implemented in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when Samsung reveals it later this year.


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  1. do they work?

    1. I would imagine it works similar to a railgun except it is solely projected by magnets and not electricity. One magnet holds the pen in the phone and when it is ready to be used the other magnet attracts it to project.

    2. LoL! Now you’ve gone and done it , you’ve insulted the brilliant geniuses called ICP lol.

  2. I have had two notes and hardly ever used the pen. This would not add any benefit to those like me that never use the pen. Just a possible inconvenience, I hope that they offer a way to turn it off.

    1. There is a way to off it. It is called not buying a Note phablet.

  3. What happens if someone accidentally pocket ejects? I’m going to make fun of them. Yo, is that your s-pen or are you just happy to see me?

    Seriously though, it sounds more annoying than having it just be manual. I wouldn’t want my pen randomly popping out.

    1. If it pocket ejects, at least the clean up will be easy. No wet marks.

      1. Nice. I got a good laugh out of that one.

  4. S-voice command: Eject my S-Pen!

    1. I read this in Dr. Chen’s voice. Ofcourse my consciousness added “M****THA F**KA…” at the end of it. lol…

      1. Suck on deez little Chinese nuuuuts!

  5. OK Galaxy, let’s write some sh!t.

    1. If the ejection system can be accessed and utilised by Tasker and Autovoice you could tótally do that. I’d laugh pretty hard if it was possible. I should make some swear commands.

  6. i personally do not like this feature and i hope they have an option to disable it. I don’t want to accidentally activate it and risk losing the pen.

  7. I know this is just a patent but… is that a removable battery and microsd??? Here’s to hoping that’s an actual Note 5 drawing

  8. memo to samsung. forget this nonsense. if you want to impress everyone, be the first to offer a display you can actually see in direct sunlight. it sucks acting like a vampire hiding from the sun outdoors just trying to see who is calling.

    1. um….Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy s6/Edge much?
      Those displays get insanely bright in direct sunlight

    2. what @disqus_c3Edgz4TLU:disqus said. I had the Note 4 and currently the S6 edge, and it gets ridiculously bright when in sunlight, I believe it is the brightest display in those conditions

    3. Your comment is nonsense.

      1. what are you like 6 years old!

        1. I touched a nerve, huh? Your response is very cliché.

          1. yours is simply immature. all you have to do is read your replies to the other comments.

          2. Checking out my profile? You stalker!

          3. i didn’t check your profile. i guess we can add paranoia to immature. oh my, we do have allot on our table don’t we.

          4. You must be in denial since you have resorted to lying. Check what you wrote from two responses ago. It is OK. You are, what, a single white male?

          5. nice, bring race into it. it’s been fun smacking you around like a cat does a mouse. but i’m gonna get off you now. your starting down a bad path. isn’t it time for your meds?

          6. I only said you are a lying stalker with self-denial issues. You brought up race.
            30-Love for me.

          7. your words “You must be in denial since you have resorted to lying. Check what you
            wrote from two responses ago. It is OK. You are, what, a single white

          8. That does not qualify as a racial comment. You lose.

    4. They have for a while. I normally keep my Note 4 on max brightness, but when I’m outside I switch to auto and it overpowers the display’s brightness. I live in Tennessee so there quite a bit of sun and I can see my screen just fine outside.

  9. I still see my note 3 display in sun if brightness is maxed..Its only getting better..

  10. Please don’t Samsung. Enough has been changed with the S6. At this point, you’d just be pouring acid on the wound.

  11. Samsung continues to distance itself from all other large screen phones. Removing the S pen from my Note 3 isn’t ridiculously hard to do, but this seems to make it even easier. You have to get a fingernail right under the pen to get it out which sometimes isn’t so easy. I think this is pretty sweet. I use the S Pen regularly to jot down list, confirmation numbers, tracking numbers ect.

  12. looks like I see a removable battery and sim/memory card slot similar to the Note 3/4. Looks like samsung is doing the right thing and making the note series its phone for true power users

  13. Go go gadet pen!

  14. Here hoping that the Note 5 comes with a micro sd card slot….and everything else from the S6 but bigger of course….oh and front facing speakers.

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