Another high-end HTC One device launches, and we’re still wondering why it isn’t the HTC One M9


htc one me

Seriously, HTC, this is just getting ridiculous. The Taiwanese company has revealed another new smartphone as part of 2015’s One lineup. It’s the HTC One ME, and just like the HTC One E9+ and HTC One M9+, it outclasses HTC’s supposed “flagship” HTC One M9 in every way.

It does so with a 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 display, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a front-facing UltraPixel camera, a fingerprint scanner and 2,840mAh battery. The only thing you could knock it for is using MediaTek’s octa-core Helio X10 chipset over something from the Snapdragon family, but MediaTek chipsets aren’t even bad these days.

Like many of the other variants, this one is only slated for a launch in China right now, which is fascinating considering that market now has access to 3 of HTC’s 2015 devices while most others only have the HTC One M9.

[via HTC China]

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  1. Htc just fumbled at the 1

    1. They should have run the ball. Go Pats!

      1. Pats are just lucky they didn’t play the Giants again.

  2. Do not like the button….

    I love Sense – especially Sense 7, but I need a larger screen than the 9.

    Basically, I want Sense 7 on my Nexus 6. Put the logo bar on it, fine. Don’t care. Make the speakers bigger, if you like. Fine. Don’t care. But give me a bigger screen and no frakking button.

    I keep switching between my M8 and my Nexus 6 – always going back to the M8 because of Sense.

    Yeah, guys. I know. No-one likes Sense. I’m sure you’ll tell me all about it…

    1. actually I found Sense on my friends M8 pretty cool, I do like HTC’s UI. I know what you mean tho, pretty much everyone else will tell you why it sucks and why this post sucks but you are not alone.

      1. Pretty sure Sense is almost universially liked amongst the Android faithful. As far as OEM skins go atleast.

    2. Time for a One Max M9 edition with the newer rev Snapdragon 810 that runs cooler!

    3. What button? Isn’t that just a fingerprint sensor?

      1. Yes it’s just a fingerprint sensor it’s not a button at all.

    4. Put BLINKFEED on the NEXUS 6.Just do a GOOGLE Search “How to install BLINKFEED on the Nexus 6”.
      Root is required,but,once that’s obtained,it’s fairly straightforward.The app ROOT EXPLORER makes easy work of the BLINKFEED install process.
      Doing so on my Nexus 6 has somewhat quenched my wanderlust for a larger HTC Device.
      Still enjoy the M9,but,the NEXUS 6 w/BLINKFEED is a nice secondary device/tablet to have,notably at the end of the day/when the M9 is on the charger…….

      1. Still would not be able to add a button to the navbar, nor would it bring over Sense 7’s QuickSettings.

        This is about as bad as suggesting people using Samsung devices just “install a different launcher” to “get rid of touchwiz”.

        It doesn’t work like that.

        1. I get it dude,it’s not my1st rodeo,by far.
          I know the U/I is far more than a launcher,just put it out there if you prefer HTC’s launcher/Blinkfeed over 3rd party,or OEM/Stock Android interface.
          If you prefer a stock HTC experience,most of the HTC apps can be side-loaded,including the HTC Browser,so,in you can get the HTC look/feel on your Nexus 6.
          And yes,as you,I appreciate having a customizable nav bar, it’s a great feature.That’s one thing LG got right & to a lesser degree,HTC.

  3. Looks like I’m just going to have to pray for an affordable Nexus. Nothing is impressing me this year at all.

    1. u and i are on the same page, love my nexus 6 and will love my next nexus device

      1. I wanna get a nexus 6, but with the next one on the horizon, I just don’t know.

        1. wait it out and go for the WahWay one, it will be 5.7 inches and will be a bit more manageable than the Nexus 6. Mine is a bit too big….a BIT.

          1. I was thinking of the lg g4, but that doesn’t have a finger print scanner, I’ve already stated my opinion on the n6, the s6 is still an option, I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t care about major updates from Google anymore, I just want my phone to function in day to day life.

            I played with the m9 its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but HTC kinda lost me with the purple tinge of my m7 camera and by releasing what seems to be a better phone a few weeks after the m9. Sony?… Sad as it is to say, maybe I’ll be better off going back to iPhone. They have all of the things I want with less hassle. I’ll probably just use my old m7 as a gaming device.

          2. well with the iPhone, u will get reliability for sure. And consistency. So I cannot really blame you there. I have not played with the M9 but the M8 was a great little device (minus the camera). The Nexus 6 is a GREAT device for media and games. I fired up my G3 the other day for a few days and was using my Nexus to watch GOT. =) good luck with whatever you choose!

          3. Thanks. I went from HTC touch (windows), IPhone 3g, droid x, galaxy nexus, and finally to a m7. I’ll try to take your advice and wait it out.

          4. sounds like we are on the same page with not being held back by OS’s. I just go with what interests me at the time! Loved my iPhone 4s, went to the S2, Lumia for a while, G2, G3, OnePlus, now my Nexus 6! Apples keynote is on the 8th and i’m hoping for some talk about the iPhone 7. I have no problem jumping around, i’m probably one of the few!

          5. What about all the apps that you bought from one ecosystem?

          6. well with Google, i buy all my apps after using the Rewards app. I have not paid for an app in about a year now. When you switch though, those paid apps are not lost. Its not like I delete my account. I still have my iTunes app and have not used it in like 4 years or more. If I switch to Apple, i’ll obviously keep my google account open. They dont expired or delete information when it comes to what you paid for =)

          7. Well I know that much, I’m referring to apps that you really can’t do without.

          8. OH!!! my bad. the only one I cannot live without is Keep. <~~~stupid, right?

          9. Is keep available for ios

        2. Wait. Especially wait for one thats not made by Motorola. Trust me.

      2. The Nexus 6 was horrible, so sad i traded my M8 for it. I actually traded it in for an M9 and am so much happier. The lag was disgusting, but what do i expect from a device made by Motorola. Ill buy another Nexus when its made by HTC. Ill never leave HTC again, lesson learned.

    2. The Galaxy S6 want impressive enough?

  4. HTC has been a complete failure! Its like they keep changing this or that and saying, “hey check out our newest phone! WEEEEEE”. Fail.

  5. They need to get rid of that black bar. Don’t come at me with how they need it for the wireless radios – put a hole in the back, put the HTC logo on the fingerprint sensor if it HAS to be on the front, slap on a bigger battery and get a decent camera.

    Also maybe bring back that two camera thing, if only for the marketing purpose. A (decent) 20mp snapper with the extra lense for depth sensing or whatever, a new design that that loses the black bar and a sweet ass battery along with dat HTC build quality? I’d buy it

    1. They could like… ask LG? Their body-display ratio is god-tier.

  6. I don’t think HTC want to cater to the US because most people in the US flock to everything Samsung and apple because where. the biggest sheep, they’ll probably lose out on money trying to offer us more devices we won’t take the time to look into, and carriers don’t help promote anyone else except Samsung and Apple

    1. are you blaming the US people for HTC stupidity? this phone should have been the one instead of the m9.

      1. Yea, because had the M8 and M7 , which were great phones sold better, HTC would put more money into better products and release them here in the states, they can’t afford to have great products sitting on shelves because sheep don’t wanna at least try and test other phones, they just wanna fit in and buy what’s popular

    2. I was afraid of that as well. I believe they’re going to leave the US market. =.S

  7. The failing sales strategy of a dying company……it’s a shame, really.

    1. It’s like watching someone drown. They are flailing and thrashing around and making lots of noise, but still drowning.

    2. You guys have been calling HTC a dying company for years… they’re still around. And perhaps you missed that they were *profitable* in the last quarter, and their revenues were up 25% over the same time year. Profitable companies aren’t dying.

  8. As somebody who loves sound quality in my music, the M8, M9 are still the best phones out there. I will continue to buy HTC phones right up until they go bust. I tried a Nexus 5 and an iPhone 6 plus for a week whilst my phone was in repair and they were positively awful in comparison. Hopefully HTC can turn it around because the competition out there poor.

  9. MediaTek? Not bad? Surely you must be jesting

  10. They are pulling Samsung and with over saturations of the market. Hope it sales for them though. I don’t buy HTC these days but they make some impressive devices.

  11. ME = Millennium Edition

    1. Really? Because I like that. =.3

  12. I’m sorry, are you suggesting that it’s a BAD thing there’s only one international flagship? Didn’t we spend much of 2013 bashing companies for releasing 50 variants?

    And another thing: this isn’t the One M9 because the One M9 is the One M9. 1080p on that Adreno 430 is a solid advantage over every other flagship. Yes, MediaTek is improving, but it is NOT there yet, especially with GPU. Try running that 1440p screen and its 78% more pixels on half the GPU bandwidth. Lemme know how smooth it is compared to the M9, or even the M8. Literally the only thing these variants may have is a marginally bigger screen, which I see as a negative but should not be a deciding factor, and a fingerprint sensor, which I see as ugly and gimmicky but should not be a deciding factor (though it arguably has more weight than .2″ of screen on a phone with M9 bezels).

    I’ve seen too many articles pushing this narrative, specifically from Android Authority and a few from this site, and I’m getting pretty sick of it. Criticize HTC all you want for the unchanged design or lackluster camera performance at launch. Those are valid complaints. Grieve about the Snapdragon 810 being throttled to 1.6GHz thanks to Qualcomm’s fumble, even if device performance is still okay. That’s your prerogative. But to drop all continuity and logic? To say that the Duo Camera is anything but gimmicky now that you can’t have it? To overlook MediaTek’s performance issues just because the SD810’s disappointing thermal situation? To claim that the M9 NEEDS 1440p as if you’re going to hold your device closer than 6″ from your face, assuming you have 20/20 vision? That’s stupid. If anything, I would be wondering why the M9+ exists, not the M9. The M9 makes sense, as the refresh of its One line. The M9+ shoehorns in some specs that help the market with things like displaying CJK characters, the E9+ puts it in an even bulkier plastic body, and the ME takes away that Duo Camera. That’s what doesn’t make sense… But, for China. Not for the rest of the world.

  13. Pretty sure HTC is going to release a + variant of the M9 in the next few months with most, if not all, of the features this phone has. I hope they update the body though, i’m not digging that fingerprint scanner splitting the faux speaker-grille.

    Also, it’s not all about specs people. I tried the LG G3 and hated the user experience. The lag alone made me want to return it instantly. HTC phones have the closest to a unified, fun exprience you can get with an Android phone. Motorola is on the right track to.

  14. Question: Does the Galaxy series with it’s fingerprint scanner allows it to be used as a track pad? What about in iOS?

    That’s what I want. I loved the trackball on the Nexus 1 (fav. Nexus device) and I loved the trackpad on the HTC G2 (aka Desire Z). I want that back. I’d take a button if it can be used as a trackpad.

    1. Answer: No. I don’t see the appeal either. Maybe if it would be a long power button, so it could be used to scroll webpages? Dunno. Sounds like a very-very-very niche/gimmicky feature.

  15. Mediatek processors aren’t even that bad….. Um yes they are they run like crap compared to Snapdragon or Exynos, a quad core Mediatek us like having a dual core Snapdragon or Exynos or an octacore is like a quad core.

  16. We get half the specs for twice the price in USA.

  17. “how long does a turd circle the drain?”


    LMFAO!!!! die already…

  18. “but MediaTek chipsets aren’t even bad these days”

    Seriously? Mediatek is terrible… performance isn’t even in the same zip code as Qualcomm or Exynos. And the broken Bluetooth… And they don’t release working kernel source… And they rarely provide updates…

    If this phone is using Mediatek, it doesn’t outclass the M9 at all, and can’t be considered in the same realm as flagships.

  19. They’re so good at failing just enough not to sink them but enough to look ridiculous. They need new leadership.

  20. I’ve not used anything with a mediatek, but I believe the processor makes a huge difference. I’ve used several devices with Intel mobile chips and they were all garbage. And that’s not even a bad brand, but their Atom mobile processors are pure trash when it comes to performance.

    1. The point is still valid. They could have used the S808 and release it on European/US market, just like how Samsung pushed out two variants every time until the S6 arrived. I would have bought an M9 if it came with the specs above (+ UltraPixel back camera, + S808. To me, both the new terribad camera and the crap chipset was a letdown. Let alone the price, which is ridiculously high.)

  21. i am completely done with htc….had the incredible, inc2, and m8. the m9 is a joke. only releasing these others in china is about the dumbest business decision in the world. this company is pathetic. the board simply needs to fire all the executives and start over…its beyond fixing.

    1. Bruh!! The M8 and M9 are legit!! The ONLY thing I see people complain about is non-removable battery and lack of micro SD card. Those are just a few things. But compared to everything else, the latest flagship devices are on par.

      1. Um, the M9 does have an SD card slot.

  22. You’d have to be a pretty uptight dweeb to be upset by this, sorry.

    The M9 is awesome.

    1. Agreed.

    2. The M9 being awesome is obviously subjective, but that isn’t the point. They basically are releasing a similar enough (but better spec’d) model that makes someone scratch their head, as to why this wasn’t the M9 in the first place, especially given their position in the market. It’s not even like it’s a phablet alternative. It’s only 5.2 inches. It’s just very silly.

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