Jun 4th, 2015


Looks like SanDisk’s streak of pushing the boundary of microSD card storage has come to an end. One manufacturer attending the Computex tech show in Taiwan has revealed a 512GB microSD card.

That company is Microdia, which is a fairly unknown name when it comes to flash storage. They’re promising a UHS-2 card that has read/write speeds of 300 megabytes per second. We’re not sure we can believe that claim as even SanDisk has yet to achieve those speeds on their smaller range of cards.

But that’s the claim, and we definitely can’t say otherwise until we give it a spin ourselves. The card was built on the microSDXC standard, so it stands to reason that it should work with any phone that can support those cards (which tend to list lower maximum storage capabilities even though higher capacity cards work just fine).

There’s one other uncertainty. Well, it’s less of an “uncertainty” and more of a “holy crap, that’s a very good reason not to buy this card”: it’ll retail for $1,000 once it’s on store shelves. That’s absurd for mobile flash storage from an unproven company that might not even last you that long. Do yourself a favor and spend $30 on a portal 512GB hard drive, and pocket the rest for something actually worth the coin.

[via CNet]