Huawei Talkband B2 now available for $179


We first heard about the Huawei Talkband B2 back at Mobile World Congress where the company’s fitness tracker took a backseat to the Huawei Watch. The roles have reversed now that the Huawei Talkband B2 is available for purchase starting at $179.95.


There is no shortage of fitness trackers available on the market, but the Talkband B2 offers something unique we haven’t quite seen before: the watch face pops out and doubles as a bluetooth headset. Pretty novel.

That’s not the only place the Talkband B2 breaks new ground- it’s also the first 3rd party wearable to integrate with Jawbone’s UP fitness platform. After downloading the Huawei Wear app from the Google Play Store, a simple option in the app’s settings will allow it to share data directly with the UP by Jawbone app, unlocking the full suite of software that has made them so popular.

Some quick stats for the Talkband B2:

  • .73-inch PMOLED screen
  • Metallic aluminum unibody
  • Easy to clasp wristband
  • Water and dust resistant (IP55 & IP57 certification)
  • Touch-and-swipe UI


As you would expect, the Talkband B2 automatically tracks activities such as walking, running, cycling, hiking, and sleeping. It helps you count calories, record your sleeping habits, and together with Huawei Wear, UP by Jawbone, and/or other apps can help improve your health and well-being with intuitive data and proactive suggestions.

Sounds pretty great, ‘Merica, but don’t expect to lay on the couch while the Talkband does all the work at trimming inches from your waist. What it will do, though, is help you… help you.

Huawei’s Talkband B2 is that it’s not just limited to working with Huawei phones, it will work with any Android Phone running Android 4.0+ or iPhones running iOS 7.0+.

Check out our Hands-On video of the Huawei Talkband B2 and stay tuned for our full review!

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