Deal: $50 off the OnePlus One throughout an entire week of flash sales


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OnePlus is trying to move some units of their first smartphone this week. The company has announced a series of flash sales that will go off this week. We already know what the sale will entail, too: they’ll be taking $50 off the cost of either the 16GB Sandstone Black or 64GB Silk White, which are price tags of $250 and $300, respectively.

oneplus one flash sale

The catch? These sales will only pop up at brief moments, so you’ll need to be at the ready to order one. Thankfully the company gave us a cheat sheet on the times that the deals will go live. Here’s the full list:

  • June 1 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
  • June 2 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
  • June 3 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
  • June 4 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
  • June 5 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
  • June 6 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
  • June 7 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)

As you can see, the times alternate each day to to account for different regions, or for people who might not be able to get to their computer to order one at a certain time. Pick a day that works best for you and make sure you’re there!

We should also note that stock for this promotion is limited on a daily basis. For instance, the 64GB Sandstone Black model is still available today, however the Silk White model is already sold out (more will be available during tomorrow’s promotion). That means you’ll want to pick the soonest day and time you can to make sure you can be on OnePlus’s website right when the floodgates open. Knowing all that, you can head right here to buy one if you’re interested.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. I lucked out & got an early invite for the 1+1.
    Dove right in & why not:at the time, you’d be hard-pressed to find a phone w/the specs & killer price.
    However, I’m not jumping in this time around, there’s too much competition to play the invite game.
    The tipping point was this latest promo, makes me think they’ve been full of it from Day One,creating an illusion of exclusivity, while all along having plenty of stock.

    1. Might just be the standard scarcity marketing strategy.

      1. It’s not so much how they market, but, why.
        Supposedly all of the marketing/supply decisions were driven by cost containment.
        Now, w/the price slashing, & excess supply, it leads to credibility issues.
        Also, costs/pricing was the reason the Customer Care, or, lack thereof, was a “sacrifice/chance” one made when buying the 1+1.
        They have a nice product, but, w/better or equal devices available in the same price range, why bother w/the B. S.?
        ASUS ZENFONE 2, ’nuff said……….

        1. With the Zenfone 2 and Idol 3 releasing…it’s not surprising OnePlus is doing this now. Also, perhaps they lost too many customers due to the invite system, and overestimated stock when they opened orders(finally).

  2. No doubt getting rid of whatever inventory they have before the 2 is announced.

  3. No thanks not even worth the time or deal. ???????

    1. Not large enough for you, Mr. Samsung? Not everything Samsung does with the Note series is perfect nor are is everything everyone else does inferior.

      1. Or maybe it’s just an outdated, obsolete phone…

    2. 1. Then why even comment here? Oh right, how could I forget that you’re the epitome of “ignorant trolling fanboy”?
      2. You obviously don’t appreciate a good deal. Sad, considering you were homeless not even 8 years ago, but now act as if you have all the money in the world with your constant bragging about getting a new phone every year. What a joke.

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