Download the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint preview apps on your Android phone


microsoft office for android phones preview

Microsoft has today announced that the phone-specific versions of their Office apps are ready for public preview, and that you can download them right now. You’ll be getting Excel, Word and Powerpoint in user interfaces fit for the smaller screen of a phone.

So what do you have to do to download them? Simple:

And that’s it! Prior experience with Microsoft previews tell us there shouldn’t be much to worry about in terms of stability here, and that it won’t be long before we see a general release if no major issues pop up. That said, if you simply can’t wait for general availability then this is the fastest way to get Microsoft’s Office apps on your Android phone.

[via Google+]

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  1. Why? Just use Google Drive apps and support native Android.

    1. I would, but a lot of formatting always gets lost between the two. Generic things usually work.

      But when I start getting technical, I can’t switch between the two. Like table formatting in Word, or colored cells and formulas in Excel.

      I always end up having to choose one. I wrote an essay before on my phone using Google Docs. =.P

      1. I wrote two 3,000 word research papers on my phone, via Quickoffice Pro and WPS office, although I had to finally use a PC and MS Word to do the final formatting.

        I even printed drafts out via the attached printer.

        All great, but at resent, Android isn’t ready yet for robust office apps and functionality. Perhaps when Google make competent, fully-fledged office/productivity apps and integrate all the things (like printing functions/codecs) straight into the OS, then MS and Mac PCs will need to worry, but not right now.

  2. Your device isn’t compatible? It’s nexus 6 for God sake

    1. All the more reason for my post below.. screw MS.

  3. Google docs rule, screw ms

    1. No, the pre-Google version of quickoffice Pro and WPS Office are miles better.

  4. Is the limitation for devices with screen larger than 10,1″ still there?

  5. Do these support local/external hardware storage, or are they as castrated as the previous versions? I never bothered with either MS or Google’s offerings due to their lack of respect for most of us who store files locally.

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