HTC won’t be looking to make a “One Mini 3”


HTC One and HTC One mini

We’ve typically come to expect miniature variations of flagship handsets shortly after they launch, but one report suggests HTC won’t be looking to further that trend for the HTC One M9. Focus Taiwan credits the president of HTC North Asia for making that apparent.

HTC says the market is no longer ripe for that category of products, with folks demanding phones with bigger displays. To that end, HTC already has a few devices to offer up, including the flagship HTC One M9 and M9+, the slightly more affordable HTC One E9+, and the budget Desire devices they’ve seeded into the market as of late. It also doesn’t help that the “mini” devices were nearly as big as the normal-sized variants.

The decision to ditch the Mini line might have come at just the right time as few are likely to trust HTC’s willingness to support the devices with ample updates. They recently confirmed that neither the HTC One Mini or HTC One Mini 2 would be seeing Android 5.0 Lollipop.

It’s understandable for the original HTC One Mini as it launched about two years ago, but we’d say the one-year lifespan of the HTC One Mini 2 was far too short. Regardless, the line is dead so moot point is moot — if you’ve been waiting for a smaller version to launch we’d say it’s safe to start exploring other options.

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  1. yeah focus on releasing a good phone for a change, that might be a good idea

    1. The phones are good. All my non-techy friends that get the M-series phone loves it. They NEED to market it properly. I saw some cool HTC M9 commercial on Youtube the other day. It was legit. Something about space is all I can remember.

      I think they’re going to focus on marketing this year with the M9. If they can do that, then they’ll need to wow those new customers.

      At this point, they’ll need to really make their speakers boom. They’re advertising them so much. Maybe add some raw-audio-file or some super crazy equalizer that rivals ViperAudioMod. Or something. I mean, they’re aiming for media users, and I’m one of them. Larger screen and loud speakers is what I want. The camera is fine, but better is always nice.

      I like the rumor of a 27MP front-facing camera on the M10. Yes, the rumors are already spreading like butter on a freshly-made pancakes. LoL!!

  2. These people wouldn’t know what the market is thinking from a hole in the ground. Clueless. The mention of end of life (1yr) for the Mini 2 shows they are all over the place! Way to finish what you start.

  3. Well they can’t update them.

  4. Htc just needs to sit down. I’m not specialist but they’re just screwing up left and right. Mediocre phones, releasing better ones elsewhere, canceling stuff that shouldn’t exist because they been announced they would only be releasing one phone a year. Smh

    1. agreed. they really need to hit the drawing board again.

    2. It makes you wonder what happened. The M7 was such a great turnaround. The M8 is great. Now the M9 shows small improvements.

      I think Samsung and others just improved that year and HTC was going to improve with the M10.


      I say we give them one more year. Though, I do say it’s a lot for a manufacture that I’m following to not make me feel inclined to upgrade to the next year model. That’s saying a lot from me, personally, because I like to have the latest and greatest. So for me to feel content with the M8 makes me wonder.

      But I can never give up these speakers. LoL!! I hear my friends’ phones and I’m like “I’ll play the video”.

      1. I can dig it lol. I still have my M8. But it’s used as the mp3 player for the car. Louder audio output, it’s rooted and has Viper on it.

        My s6 can’t touch it in that Way at all.

  5. This is one of the worst years for HTC I’ve seen in a while, and they’ve been struggling since forever now.

  6. Probably for better? What do you mean?
    Maybe if they didn’t gimp their Mini… Just because people want a smaller phone doesn’t mean they want inferior hardware! I one of those who would not go bigger than 4.7 inch.
    The M7 was the best of the series, all they had to do was slim the the bezel, remove the black bar OR keep the capacitive buttons, never have been a fan of soft buttons

    1. They should do the option for both like the OnePlus One. I like how OnePlus One has that. I would be perfectly fine with capactive buttons. I actually got used to the double tapping gesture required in the M7.

    2. They would, but a mini with the same specs as the larger brother would cost more to produce than the larger versions and the would make less profit. Better to not give the customer a choice and just say there is no market for it, not many people will notice.

  7. Word on the street is HTC is talking about bring out the M10 this December. Perfect in time for my bday.

  8. Z3 compact FTW!

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