You can now root almost every Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge without tripping the flash counter


Samsung Galaxy S6 DSC09362

It’s been possible to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge since the day the devices were available, but the methods available would trip Samsung’s flash counter that lets their technicians know if the device has been modified. This would potentially void your warranty, which is not good if your device ever suffers an unfortunate fate and you need to get it fixed. It also disabled the use of some of Samsung’s applications such as Samsung Pay (which isn’t actually available yet).

But now there’s no need to worry — a trip counter-less method has arrived, and as long as you follow the instructions to a T you should come away with a rooted device whose flash counter is kept at 0. The best part is that the method — dubbed PingPongRoot — works for nearly every Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge model available, with only a few models having yet to be tested.

Be sure to confirm your exact model number is on the list before going through with it, and know that anything you do to your phone is your own responsibility. Downloads and instructions can be had at the original XDA thread right here, so have at it if this is something you’ve been waiting for.

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  1. give us the s6 active!

    1. Said the group of about 50 people who both exercise a lot and like the S6.

      1. Them, plus the thousands who held off from buying the S6 because of the glass back, tiny battery and lack of SD card support.

        1. ^^^exactly. Durin123 must have bought on s6 already. Same specs as s6 but removable battery, sd card slot, waterproof and dust proof, yeah who would want that added to the s6? LOL. Sammy knows nobody would buy the regular s6 if the s6 active came out at same time. I’m waiting for it.

          1. The prob is it will probably be an AT&T and/or Sprint Exclusive again.

          2. Fortunately, I’m in Canada. I’m therefore unaffected by any US carrier exclusivity deal.

          3. Unless it doesn’t support all of the bands for you carrier in Canada. Not sure if Samsung ever made standard GSM unlocked Active models in that case though.

          4. We usually get the same model as AT&T does (or a very similar one) and it works on all 3 major carriers. The only difference is that carrier-exclusive deals are quite rare here and they usually all get pretty much the same phones.

        2. Tiny battery? About the same screen on time as my Note 4 got. See below.

        3. What doesn’t have wings but can still fly?

          All the f$&ks Samsung doesn’t give about not giving thousands of users what they want when tens of millions don’t care and will buy their devices regardless.

          Welcome to being an ignored minority.

  2. Excellent.

  3. Well done, Devs.

  4. So people can use Samsung Pay?

    1. Yep, apparently so. :)

      1. Hmm, maybe I’ll see if I can get 5.1.1 on T-Mobile w/ this method once others try it since the bugs are such a pain.

  5. Does this work on note 4 for Verizon and at&t?

    1. No.

  6. Done and done. Rooted my vzn s6e already. Now I can officially delete that pesky bloatware

    1. While I dislike bloatware as much as anyone, this article is very insightful:


      1. Hmm. Very interesting read. However one of the points made in the comments I also liked. The fact that if you do delete these apps permanently you don’t have to worry about updates and that space then spilling over into the data partition rather then just the system partition. Either way, I like a clean looking device and should have went nexus 6 lol.

        1. It’s recommend to not delete bloatware apps on rooted devices… but rather to just freeze or disable them… so you can still get updates to your phone. The only real reason to delete/uninstall them would be because you’re low on storage.

          1. There is a tool for freezing without root. Deleting bloat will not give you more space, as that space is on the system partition.

  7. Root isn’t much fun, without xposed. Freezing bloat, ad blocking, and hotspot are all available without root.

    1. how? show us the way :)

      1. Freeze any app, no root required. You just run the app on your computer. It is very easy. http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/debloater-remove-carrier-bloat-t2998294

        Use Adguard for ad blocking. It blocks ads on all browsers, for free. If you want to block on all apps, you have to pay $10 per year subscription.

        For hotspot, use Foxfi. You have to also have the paid key. Foxfi works mostly on Samsung phones.

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