OnePlus to address lingering touchscreen issues for the OnePlus One in latest firmware update


OnePlus One DSC06073

While OnePlus has worked to eliminate the touchscreen issues many have experienced since the OnePlus One launched, there were still a few unlucky souls out there who were stuck with the abnormal behavior (said behavior being that the touchscreen simply became unresponsive with no rhyme or reason). Thankfully those issues are close to being addressed.

OnePlus says they’ve been working tirelessly with Synaptics to figure out why some users were still experiencing these issues, and they’ve seemingly identified the issue and are working on a fix. A firmware upgrade is being readied for those who are affected by it, great news if you were at your wit’s end and just about ready to quit.

Unfortunately the good news stops there as the company does not yet have a timeline to provide for its arrival. If your patience has already worn thin they’re inviting you to contact customer service just as you normally would, but for those who can stand to wait then the suffering should soon come to an end.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. Mine has been working fine since they first addressed it nearly a year ago. I don’t get how people can stand operating a bad device, considering how difficult it was to purchase one you could easily resell.

  2. I never had a issue until they tried to fix it. Not a big issue. Simply pressing volume button fixes it for a few hours. No complaint. I’ve got my g3 as a backup anyway

  3. They need to fix the speakerphone echo problem.

  4. I never had this problem until this last update…

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